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Foh San Dim Sum & Kellie's Castle

18 October 2009 @ Ipoh

We got up early in the morning to sacrifice our sleep for more FOOD! For breakfast, we went to the famous Foh San Restaurant (富山茶楼) for its dim sum.

When I first saw the shop, I was like "Wow, this is huge!" Yes indeed, this shop can accomodate a lot of people. Yet, it's always packed.

We were lucky to get a table without waiting. I heard that usually you need to queue to get a table. I guess it's because we went on a Monday, a working day.

Chinese tea and Char Siew Pao as starter

Ladies pushing dim sum trolleys


Complete group pic

The dim sum was no doubt finger licking good! And the price ain't that expensive too!

We then walked back to the hotel for a quick rest and took our car out for Funny Moutain Tau Fu Fa! It's the smoothest Tau Fu Fa I've ever tasted. And the first of its kind - a drivethru one. =D

This time I had Tau Fu Fa + Soya Bean Milk

Colin: "It's Gooooooood!"

Just before we check out of our hotel, we decided to visit the Kellie's Castle. It was quite far away from town though - about 20 mins drive.

ticket - RM4 per person

Front view

Side View - Left side was demolished

A tree that looks like a bear hugging it - at the side of the castle

The castle was built by William Kellie Smith, but he died of pneumonia before it was completed. To read more, check out Wikipedia.

underground wine cellar

shillouette of JooLi and I

The corridor that is believed to be haunted by Smith's spirit

Colin and I went all the way to the roof top and we can see a whole lot of plantation from up there.

scorching hot up there

In the castle, there were a lot a lot of secret passages. Every bedroom has a "backdoor" secret passage for Smith's family to hide and run away if they were being attacked. At the basement, there is a small room with small windows overseeing the surroundings of the castle.

There are also few tunnels that allows them to flee from their home without being seen. The exit of one of the tunnels is to this temple. I guess that's why they built a tiny statue of Sir William Smith on top of the temple, alongside with other sacred people/goddess.

There wasn't much to see but it was fun exploring the secret passages all around the castle. It's amazing how much thought is being put in before they even started building the house.

We had to rush back to check out from the hotel as we've already asked for one hour delay. Got back, packed up, checked out, picked up our Salt Baked Chicken that we ordered the day before and head for our last meal in Ipoh.

We went back to Nam Heong for the white coffee again. This time, we also had egg tarts and apam balik to go with it. The egg tarts from the shop was sooooo yummilicious too.

That's the end of my Ipoh trip. I got myself some souvenirs (more food) from Auntie Sue to bring back to KL. Thanks Auntie Sue, though this is my first time meeting you and I don't think you'll read this. Hahaha..

It was really a fun-filled and food-filled weekend at Ipoh. I never thought Ipoh would be a holiday destination, until now. Thanks everyone! Billy, out.

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