Thursday, December 16, 2010

Melaka Family Trip

16 October 2010 @ Melaka

It's been really really long that my whole family go on a holiday together. Well, since my brother just finish sitting for his PMR exam, I suggested to go on a short family trip as a reward for my little brother. And so, Melaka we went!

First thing we had there was the famous chicken rice balls. Nothing spectacular, it's just normal rice compressed into the shape of a ball. It's a good kick-start for our trip though.

Right after lunch, we headed to Bukit Rambai for the bestest most delicious Melaka cendol in the whole wide world.

It's operated by JooLi's grandaunt at her own house compound. She only opens on weekends around noon time and her cendol would sold out in just 2 hours! Siapa cepat dia dapat!

It's time for some historical walk as my brother has never been to A-Famosa. Sad right?

It wasn't my first time there, so I just walk casually and shoot some photos along the way. Don't wanna post too many photos here also. If you need A-Famosa photos, just google them ok?

From St. Paul Hill to the Red House and Stadhuys... It's really jam packed with people on weekends.

From the red house to the fortress with lotsa cannons. And my brother trying to be a human cannonball??

As we walked around, I found that quite a lot of places have been renovated and cleaned up. The longkang is not so smelly now. There are nice pathways for people to walk, sit, and enjoy the scenery. More hotels are coming up... etc etc.

My dad paid for my 2 brothers to get into The Maritime Museum aka The Ship as everyone would call it. A famous landmark if you've been to Melaka.

Later on, I found out that their tickets are entitled to get into 2 other museums as well. One of them is the Navy Museum (Muzium Tentera Laut). I've always bypass this big battleship [pic below] and wondered if I could get in there.

And my whole family went into the museum with just 2 tickets! Hahaha....

There were some boring display of uniforms and stuffs which I don't remember. The only part that intrigued me was the helicopter in the centre of the building and the battleships outside the building.

My brother playing with the guns

The Helicopter and I

FIGHT!!! [on battleship]

Don't move!

We had more fun playing with the guns and weapons than reading those boring stuffs. At least I get to see something new this time. Hehehe... More food photos to be posted up soon. Billy, out.


leo said...

come my house if u wan to eat the cendol! i got the ice blender at home!hahaha..

Julez said... perah coconut too?? Kekeke =)

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