Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Burstday to Me [Wave 1]

1 December 2010 @ Office

My earliest birthday celebration this year was in my very own office. It was a joint celebration with those who were born in the last quarter of the year.

We ordered some briyani rice and some lauk for lunch and it just made the rest of my day very very sleepy... But I loved the food tho.

D' Cake

D' birthday team - including my GM

D' Food and D' Gift

My gift

This time around, we got a more decent looking cup as birthday gift from the members in my office. Thanks Kak Leha and everyone from ITAIC.

5 December 2010 @ Subang Jaya

Second birthday treat was also a joint birthday celebration with JooLi's brother-in-law, Colin. We stuffed ourselves with so much food at the steamboat buffet until my tummy almost burst. Haha..

Birthday Boys

Murdering my cake

JooNa, Colin, Me & JooLi

I've got... a tee, a tumbler and a bag with cologne + deodorant

7 December 2010 @ Pizza Uno, Centrepoint

The 3rd round I had with my friends from my company. For the first time ever, so many of them came to celebrate with me. Good thing I suggested to celebrate earlier when everyone is still in town.

The food is pretty good for the price we pay for. Definitely will go again if there's any occasion to celebrate. =)

Pastas, Pizzas... my favs *slurpz*

cutting my third cake

Me, JooLi, Wilson, Jacky, Mike, Cheryl, Eugene, HanChin, WoonLee

That's not all yet. Still got more food and cake and presents to come... Stay tune! And Happy Burstday to myself! Billy, out.

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