Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Congratulations to ShuYun & Jason

7 November 2010 @ Woo Ga Chon Restaurant

ShinKeat organized a little gathering to meet up with ShuYun before her big day, but most people were not able to make it that day. But the show must go on!

We went to Woo Ga Chon Restaurant near Jalan Ampang to have authentic Korean cuisine. I ordered Naeng Myeon (Cold Noodles) which is hardly found in any other commercialized Korean shop. Yummie!! Tho I can't finish the whole big bowl of noodles.. a bit jelak. =P

ChauLun, Me, ShinKeat, ShuYun

In early December, ShuYun and Jason finally tied the knot. Too bad I can't attend their wedding reception at Kuching and JB.

Well, I wish them all the best in their future undertakings together as husband and wife and quickly have kids to build their happy family. Hahaha... Don't know what I'm crapping lah. Once again congrats to the Big Sister at Korea. Billy, out.

Note: Wedding photo courtesy of ShuYun's FB page.

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