Monday, January 17, 2011

Singapore Retreat - Getting There [Part 1]

10 December 2010 @ Kuala Lumpur

It's more than a decade since I last went to Singapore. Can hardly remember anything besides the Merlion at Sentosa island. So, I decided to go for there for a short retreat with JooLi since we've not been out of Malaysia together.

Prior to this trip, I had to thank for being a very resourceful site for tourists. I even found my accomodation there with a fairly reasonable price!

Now back to the story, it was a working day. Had to rush home, change and get ready for the departure. We took KTM Intercity train to Singapore. It's a whole new experience and it's cheap too! RM40 for upper bunk and RM46 for lower bunk.

Crumpy and Me

Pinky and JooLi

Our new bags - Crumpy and Pinky

I didn't mind the clinging and clanging sound of the train. The worse part of my entire night was that every time the train stops moving, I'd wake up. And when it moves again, I'd wake up again. Can't really get much quality sleep for me...

11 December 2010 @ Singapore

We reached Woodlands to bypass the immigration and I did a stupid mistake by taking out the camera. Almost got my camera confiscated man... *phew*

We went back to the train and it then brought us to the city centre after another 30 mins ride.

Ta-da! I'm in Singapore at 8.05am!

I made a couple of calls and finally met up with my long time no see buddies in the bus.

MinBee, Kuan, JooLi and Me

We dropped our stuffs at the hotel and proceed with dim sum breakfast at Aljunied.

our first meal in Singapore

Oh I forgot.. MinBee made me a welcome card too! How nice of her. I shall tell you about the amazing Zoo of Singapore in my next post. Billy, out.


kuanzai said...

Huh? When is this? I'm inside de?

beaubee said...

No wonder u said that u need 2MONTHS to post the photos"__"hehe.It is so great to read buddy's blogs.But please make it faster.Don't make me wait too long. I'm too old to wait another 2 years for a complete "travel story"AGAIN.

Julez said...

hahaha...when i finally upload the pics to FB, then will tag you guys k? But that one also have to wait another 1 month?? =P

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