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Singapore Retreat - Into the Wild [Part 2]

11 December 2010 @ Singapore Zoo

After breakfast, we took a taxi to AMK Hub where we had Durian Pancake! The hot pancake is filled with 100% cold durian flesh. It's definitely a Must-Try for durian lovers. The 4 Season Durian shop is located inside AMK Hub.

Nom Nom Nom

The object of getting there was to take Bus 138 to Singapore Zoo. The ride is approximately 30 minutes.

Once there, swarms of people rushed to queue for the tickets. I was shocked to see the line... but the fast service of the staff there need not for us to wait very long to reach our turn.

Me, JooLi, MinBee & Kuan

The first animal I saw was some tiny little primates running around the pathways and swinging from trees to trees in the open area. I was impressed by how close the visitors can get to the animals.

Our tickets

Not too far from the entrance was the main attraction of the zoo - White Tigers!! Ah, my favs. Three white tigers were in the den, 1 male and 2 females.

The male white tiger really loves attention, posing for cameras and swimming in the water. This is the first time ever I saw a tiger swimming in the water, usually they'd stay away from 'em aye.

No doubt the centre of attraction in the zoo, that place was jammed up with people and cameras trying to get a good shot of the tigers. *ROAR*

No, they're not doing it

The zoo is so well-designed that you get to experience the wilds of different continents. Next up after white tigers is the Australian Outback. All animals were not caged in the area. Kangaroos, Emu, Cassowary and other Australian creatures were free to roam around but most were seen hiding under the shades as the weather is too hot at noon time.

AHH!! MinBee sending me to Australia

We continue walking and walking and walking....

unicorn, baboon, kangaroo and some bird [top left clockwise]

I really like the glass panels where you can really see the animals from a very close distance. I have never been that close to lions and cheetahs before.

orangutan, cheetah, zebra, lions [top left clockwise]

There were also quite a number of feeding time and you can actually feed the animals yourself! I saw little kids queuing up to feed the rhino. Aww.. How cute..

Pygmy, underwater ballerina & JooLi, abovewater ballerina

Huts, statues, carvings, weapons, etc etc can be seen at the African area, alongside with some baboons, antelopes and other animals.

We were so tired of walking we decided to take the tram to another area. We paid $5 for it anyways.

There's another caged area where we went was full of little animals roaming around. It's supposed to be a Butterfly Farm but other creatures were in it too.

Kuan trying reach for the I-Don't-Know-What

Fly Foxes (aka Fruit Bats)

Lemurs singing "I like to movit movit~ MOVIT!!"

We took the tram back to the centre of the zoo and had lunch at Ah Meng Restaurant (named after Ah Meng, the Orang Utan). One word to describe the food, Expensive.

After our late lunch, we head on to watch the scheduled elephant show. Not as WOW as expected but the elephants do have a few sleek moves there. You can watch how the spectators got wet at my Youtube.

It started raining cats and dogs right after the show and we just decided to head back to town since nothing much can be done with the place so wet. On the way out, I managed to snapped a short clip of otters having sex in the water. Enjoy!

All of us had so much fun in the zoo, except that all our feet sore after that. I'd recommend tourists to give it a go and I'm sure you'll have an awesome experience with the animals. Billy, out.


Julez said...

For all the photos of the white posted THAT one?? Haha

Billy said...

hahaha.... that's the only one that has a good view of all the tigers~ ^^

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