Saturday, January 22, 2011

Singapore Retreat - Light It Up Orchard [Part 3]

11 December 2010 @ Orchard Road

Only after the Singapore Zoo that we checked into the hotel. We stayed at the Fragrance Hotel Imperial, small but cozy. They even have a DVD player in the room!

We took a quick shower and head out again to Orchard Road. I've hearing from a lot of people that the lightings are magnifico. Thus, wanna see 'em with my own eyes.

JooLi & I @ Orchard

Christmas Carol

Ion Orchard

She's playing the harp

He blew the French Horn

Nah, you got your Tiffany & Co. present already~

Along the Orchard Road, all I can see are blue lights and blue Christmas trees. Perhaps we didn't go far to see the other roads as we were on foot. Perhaps we'll be able to see more if we take a bus around town.

Yummy Ice cream Potong

Gigantic bobbles and bell

We crossed over the road to Paragon and Lucky Plaza and I found a couple of these shops!

Strictly for Adults only

We went around the plaza to hunt for stuffs while waiting for Kuan and MinBee to reach. Later on, we had Korean food at Takashimaya.

So kiamsiap don't let us refill the vege wa.... hmph!

We walked some more hoping to see a different colour of deco on the street but it was a let down. The only other colour we saw was purple, which is very close to blue...

Purple Christmas Tree

The road is endless and the shopping malls lining up as if there is no end to it. Our feet were screaming and we decided to head back to hotel for a rest. An early morning out to Sentosa on the next day. Billy, out.

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Julez said...

But i want a REAL Tiffany & Co. Not from the roadside with empty box ni =P

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