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Singapore Retreat - Sentosa Island [Part 4]

12 December 2010 @ Sentosa Island, Singapore

It's the second day in Singapore and we decided to spend the whole day in Sentosa Island. Had quick breakfast at the hotel and head on to the MRT to Vivo City. It was only 9am on a Sunday morning and the train station is full of people.

We reached Vivo City and met up with Kuan and MinBee again. Went around taking some photos. The deco there are quite cool though.

JooLi and I @ Gingerbread House

MinBee, Kuan, Me & JooLi @ Rooftop of Vivo City

Then we bought train tickets to go to Sentosa Island. Again, the station is packed with homosapiens... 90% of the passengers were going to Universal Studio. That explains the signboard below.

We got down at the Waterfront station and the first thing we saw was the biggest Merlion in Singapore. That was the only thing I remembered as a kid the last time I went there.

We headed towards the beach and made a few stops along the way.

JooLi & Marley the Merlion

Buddies Pose


Ringing the Bells

Then I saw this fenced up area with lots of big pictures. One of 'em caught my attention - a flying dog!! Awww so cute!!

The only attraction that we paid for was the Luge. I've always wanted to try this Luge thing. It's like sledging down the snow but this is without the snow of course. Each of us paid S$17 for 2 rides.

Luge Stamped

Going up

Coming down!!

Kuan stopped in the middle of the track to take photo for us. It's illegal... so shhhhhhhhh....

Finish Line

We went on walking along the Siloso beach towards the Underwater World.

Wave House - as seen on The Amazing Race Asia Season 4
I want to play this!!

Ben & Jerry's - Another thing that I've been wanting to try
It's super duper meltilicious!!

Our Lunch - Hot Dog King

After lunch, we took the free bus around Sentosa to get to the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia. Quite a stunning view from the lookout tower there.

It was too hot to play on the beach so we had Starbucks to cool ourselves down. Kuan and MinBee went back after that as they're celebrating Kuan's sister's birthday that evening. JooLi and I head on to explore the unexplored.

Strong Kuli and Weak Kuli

We went up to Imbiah Lookout and then Silosa Beach. It was in a big mess as they had a big beach party [Zouk Out 2010] the whole night before we went there.

Finally I get to swim in the water and lie down on the sandy beach. I really like the sun and the sound of waves rolling in the sea.

Little turtles

We didn't spend much time in the water. Washed up and decided to drop by Universal Studio though we don't have the tickets to go in.

Universal Studio!! punya entrance

There's quite a large area that we can access without a ticket. There're a few interesting shops there, mostly candy/chocolates stores. So we managed to snapped a few photos before going back to town.

She found some new friends

I found some new friends too!

Remember I said 90% of the crowd were at Universal Studio? Yup, it's crazy leaving that place! We rushed back to the hotel for dinner and gotta head out again to the Marina Bay!! That'll be the next post. Billy, out.

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