Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Singapore Retreat - Marina Bay Walk [Part 5]

12 December 2010 @ Marina Bay

The sky was getting dark when we left Sentosa Island, and we're supposed to meet up with Kuan and MinBee at 9pm at City Hall. So we rushed back to the hotel to clean up and cooked instant noodles for dinner in the speed of light. Yum! Yum!

After our quick dinner, we head on to the MRT again to get to City Hall. There we met up again with Kuan and MinBee and walk all the way to the Esplanade aka The Durians by the locals.

Along Marina Bay we walked, we could see more beautiful architectures proudly standing in the southern part of central Singapore.

With the new Marina Bay Sands

Then we reached the Merlion Park where the only Merlion that shoots water was sitting at. Did you know that the little Merlion behind this big Merlion is also recognized by the Tourism board of Singapore?

We then decided to get to Marina Bay Sands Hotel by foot. A very very very long walk from the Merlion Park.

A big bouquet of stars

The night view of Singapore is really stunning, at least to me. The streets were calm and clean, skyscrapers were all lit up and the reflection on the water was perfect. Love it.

After tens of thousands of miles of walking, we finally reached the hotel that people whoa-ed about a lot lately. Our feet almost broke into pieces.

As soon as we reached, we have to part with Kuan and MinBee because the next day is a working day and it's going to be midnight soon. We bid farewell and continue on the exploration at the hotel.

Interior of Marina Bay Sands

Next to the hotel was a huge shopping mall - The Shoppes. Duh! Singapore is a shopping haven, sure got shopping mall lah! But some parts were still in construction and there's a mini "river" flowing around the mall.

We wanted to take a look inside the casino too. It was a long queue going in though it's already past midnight.

Well, there aren't any photos inside the casino as nobody is allowed to snap pictures. But I can tell you the place is gorgeous. You can look down from the upper level and see all the tables sitting side by side and people serving drinks all around. The place is really big.

I didn't have much money to spare so I didn't gamble any. Just walked around the place and head back to the hotel afterwards. Lining up for a taxi took us another 30 minutes... We were so exhausted that day that we just dropped dead on the bed as soon as we reach our hotel. Billy, out.

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