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Singapore Retreat - Chinatown [Part 6]

13 December 2010 @ Chinatown, Singapore

It was our last day in Singapore and the day without our tourguide. It was kinda a last minute decision to pay a visit to the Chinatown in the morning before we check out of the hotel. Had breakfast at hotel first.

Choice of American Breakfast or Noodles.
Both comes with toast and drinks

We took the MRT to 牛车水 Chinatown Station and were quite happy to see stalls opened for business in the early morning.

Not many people were on the streets yet. So we get to take our time to leisurely walk around and hunt for souvenirs.

At the end of the streets, there are some information board which told the history of the Chinatown streets. Smith Street was used to be a Red Lanterns & Private Chambers area while Sago Lane was known as the Streets of the Dead (old and sick people go there to wait for their time to die)

We walked around some more and found that you can really get a whoop of cheap stuff without even bargaining. Of course if you'll get more discounts if you can negotiate well.

JooLi & I

Old buildings still exists

There is also a very famous Hindu temple that's just sitting beside the Chinatown. The name of the temple is Sri Mariammam Temple which is more than 100 years old now. I didn't go inside but I admire the architecture and all the carvings on that building. Brilliant.

Further up stood another temple, this time a Buddhist temple named Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. It's so big that we had to cross the road to take the photo of the whole building. I didn't go in there either, but again the structure is beautiful.

We headed back to Chinatown for a round of ice-cream potong. Can't resist the S$1 ice cream lah. As soon as we bought the ice-cream, cats and dogs started pouring from the sky. LUCKILY, I brought an umbrella in my bag. *phew*

We walked through the shades of the stalls and with the help of my umbrella, we didn't get very wet. We managed to cross over to the other side and bought another roti stuff to eat.

The rain stopped after a while. We quickly head back to our hotel to check out, took our luggages and went to catch our bus back to KL.

our lunch

There isn't much things to eat at the bus terminal. But at least we get to fill our tummy before the 5 hours bus ride back home.

our bus

watch Desparate Housewives together *yawns*

I slept through the whole journey back to KL. It's quite comfortable actually. My only advise is to bring your own earphones if you planned to watch movies on the bus.

Imported from Singapore!

Nothing much that we bought from Singapore. Brought back memories, experience and to me, meeting up with my buddies whom I'm not meeting up very often with. Well, that's the end of my Singapore Retreat. Can't wait to go on my next holiday already!! Billy, out.

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