Sunday, February 20, 2011

My 2010 Christmas

24 December 2010 @ Aunt Annie's Place

Almost every year now, I spent my Christmas eve at Aunt Annie's place with my family and her family. This time around, we had the most gigantic turkey with stuffings ever, cheese baked cauliflower, tri-coloured potatoes, salad, homemade sausages, christmas pudding...

...and our dessert!! Nyam nyam nyam!! Everything was so tastilicious!! Thanks to Chef Aunt Annie! =)

25 December 2010 @ Plus8, Bandar Utama

On the exact christmas day itself, I went out to meet with some friends from work. We each brought a present and draw lots to determine which present you'll get.

Wilson got a towel from me. WoonLee got candles from Mike. HanChin got manicure set from JooLi.

Nick got some skin spray stuff from HanChin. Mike got a book from Wilson. JooLi got a notebook from WoonLee. and I got a Parker pen from Nick!

Food and service was terrible at Plus8 that night, probably short of staffs. But we had one hell lot of fun. Laughing all the way and taking plenty of photos with our gifts.

25 December 2010 @ Garden Cafe, The Curve

Right after the gift exchange, we meet up with Foong and Radikah. We talked and talked and talked until the waitress had to shoo us away to close the shop. Haha!

It was a very fun christmas for me, being able to spend time with families and friends. Now I have a nice new pen to use in office! Billy, out.

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