Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Burstday to Me [Wave 2]

28 December 2010 @ La Bodega, Empire Shopping Gallery

After several birthday celebrations in Wave 1, the party rocks on with my loved ones!

Wanted to go somewhere else for dinner at the first place. But it was very packed so plans gotta change. JooLi and I decided to head on to La Bodega.

Food was superbly good, especially the lamb meatballs. *slurpz* But it's a 'lil pricey for just 3 biji of meatballs. Anyway, pasta was pretty yummy too!

Then we ordered a little cake as our dessert.

30 December 2010 @ My House

Finally, I had a pretty decent dinner with my dinner on the exact date itself. Mom decided to cook that evening. My brother made it home from Langkawi just in time to celebrate with me.

Chicken chop, mushroom soup, iced tea and homemade guacamole [pic below]

And I made Strawberry Triffles for everyone! I made my very first dessert on my own! And guess what, it turned out (quite) great! I'm proud of mah-self. ^^

And I have to buy my own birthday cake that day because everyone was busy. It's a good thing tho, I get to pick the flavour. Wheeee...

Had a great birthday month for me. Thank you everyone that spent time with me, and the presents! And also thanks to those that dropped me a message on Facebook or SMS. (tho it's kinda late to thank the peepz now aye? Hehe...) Billy, out.


deyan said...

where is this La Bodega? Is it somewhere in Bangsar area?

Billy said...

Bangsar got one branch. But I went to the one at Empire Shopping Mall, Subang Jaya.

Julez said...

Gosh...i love the food there. Wanna go again =)

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