Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Burstday Jacky & Happy Friendship Anniversary

18 Sept 2010 @ My Place

It was Jacky's birthday, it was also our 2nd friendship anniversary aka Start-Work-In-TM anniversary. Blarh, just giving some excuses for the TM Gang to spend some chitty chatty time together. But too bad Cheryl and Eugene can't make it to my house AGAIN.

I volunteered to host the party and we had BBQ that night! Oh look at those glorious food!!!

Nuggets, Stuffed Pita, Pork, Squids, Chicken Wings, Sausages, Crab Balls, Corns and POTATO

Starting the fire

OMG I lurve this - Pita bread stuffed with bacon chips and cheeeeeeese

"Here Mike, have a crab ball"
"Thanks William, I'll take the whole stick"

Everyone's full, we went into the house for some exercise. Mouth exercise I mean. KARAOKE!! Even Mr. "Shy" Sim dish out a couple of numbers.

Last but not least, the cake cutting ceremony and dessert time. Where are my choconilla ice-cream photos?! No photos.... =(

Birthday boy and his girlfriend

Group picture

Another fun night hanging out with the gang. Special thanks to WoonLee and HanChin for the coleslaw and buying the cake. Billy, out.


Eugene said...

1st to post... OEI orang ada appendicitis lar... macam mana nak pergi makan tu... huhuhu...

Billy said...

A panties? Not many panties ah? Hahahaha.... Next time lor~

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