Friday, October 01, 2010

The UnExplored in Genting Highlands

26 June 2010 @ Genting Highlands

Not everyday you get free rooms to stay in. Thanks to WoonLee for her free extra room at First World Hotel, we get to breakaway from the scorching city centre to Genting Highlands!

Not everytime you take the Skyway to Genting you will see thousands of people lining up until the whole floor is jam-packed with people. I was shocked as the queue was all the way down to the lower level.

I thought we would have to queue for at least 2 hours before getting onto the cable car but luck was on our side. A man took the both of us to the express lane with his superb VIP Platinum Genting World Card. Woo-Hoo!

The timing was just nice, reached the top, checked in and went over to the luxurious Maxims Suite where WoonLee's family were putting a night at. The gorgeous rooms there ranges from RM1200 till more than RM4000.

There were also several Signature Suites that were uniquely decorated according to the distinguished theme. Modern, Hollywood, Thai, Chinese, etc etc... Very cool.

@ The Thai Suite

Indoor Fountain along the corridor

We climbed up the stairs to find a indoor heated swimming pool!! Wow, never knew there's a swimming pool at Genting. I only managed to snap a picture before the staff there shooed us away as they were preparing for a private function.

Played with Ethan boy (WoonLee's nephew) for a while and head on to Coffee Terrace for dinner with Leonie. I had tonnes of salmon sashimi. NYUM!

We then went on to catch a night show - Dazzle, which was not very dazzling at all. Got this free from WoonLee too! A few magicians and dancers performing some stuffs... Ok lar, not a bad way to kill time.

Nothing much to do after that, just lepak-lepak, slept and went back to KL the next morning. Thanks WoonLee for the room and the show! Thanks Leonie for the discount at dinner! Billy, out.

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Julez said...

that was one genting trip very diff from the many times i've been there. Thanks Leoleo!

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