Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Joint Burstday for WoonLee & Eugene

6 June 2010 @ Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant, Taman Danau Desa

Korean FOOD!!! Ah... I've been craving for Korean food for quite some time. Finally... =D

We had Korean BBQ, and ordered some dishes. This one below really reminds me of the Che Yuk Tok Bap we always have at the shop just outside Dongseo University campus.

*Ahem Ahem* Enough of food. If you wanna see more food just go to google.com and type "Korean food", plenty of 'em. Now, the stars of the day was.... *drums rolling*

Woon Lee!! (sorry nobody take your picture that day)


Uncle "Glutton" Ee!!

Happy Burstday to youuuuuuuu and youuuuuuuu~

The mandatory group pic is always needed =)

Long time no have fun leh people, when's our next gathering? Billy, out.

Note: Credits to Nick Sim for the beautiful photos


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