Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introducing... Porky Bread!

4 Sept 2010 @ JooLi's Place

For the first time in my life, I tasted Roti Babi. Well I gave it a nicer name, Porky Bread. Haha...

It's just plain white bread stuffed with some pre-cooked minced pork, onions, potato and other stuffs which were not revealed by the chef. Then, coat with a thin layer of eggs and deep fry it. Heard that you can find this at the northern areas... Is that true?

If I can get a good recipe, I can start a Roti Babi Business in KL! Hahaha... *dreaming* Anyway, I love it and craving for more!! Thumbs Up!! Billy, out.


Mindy said...

erm..how are you not freaked out by the "other stuff not revealed by the chef" in your porky bread????
i guess if it taste good then you don't care lo..
PS: My new blogs are mindychoo.wordpress.com
miss you ko!

Billy said...

exactly, you tend not to think about it when the food is so good... Hahahahaa...
miss yoooo tooooo...

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