Monday, July 30, 2007

One Day Trip to Gyeong Ju - Part V

Tumuli in Daereungwon Park, Gyeong Ju

Here we are, the final destination of our one trip in Gyeong Ju. Tumulus [plural tumuli] is a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave. So, it's like many many little hills scattered around Hwangnam-dong area in Gyeong Ju. These tombs are believed to have been built in the early days of the Silla Dynasty for the royal family. There's a golden crown and other relics excavated from Cheonma tomb in 1973 displayed in a mini museum there.

The map of the park

Entrance of Daereungwon Park

Sunlight beams through the woods

The path to the tombs

4 guys and a sign board

*a-hem, thish ish a ware twee* =P

Find the differences!

A small pond inside the park

A tumulus and its shadow on the water

1-2-3 tumuli

Sunset at Daereungwon Park

Cheonma Tomb and the display of the golden crown and other relics [it's the only tomb that you can go in but no photo shoot allowed in there]

Some beautiful parts of the area

One whole row of purplish flower trees

The sky is getting dark when we left the park. We walked all the way back to the bus terminal station [a long long journey to walk] and took the express bus back Busan. We then had our late dinner and head back home at around 11pm. It was a tiring but marvelous journey with the rest of the trainees and ShuYun. I thank her with all my heart for spending so much time bringing us to all the wonderful places we've never been to. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every single moment in Gyeong Ju, hope that we'll have another trip pretty soon [in fact, there's one already, yesterday. Shall post that up within these few days =P]. Billy, out.


Chzee Hau said...

The pond is nice. Good place to go ler.. I wonder which place in Malaysia got such a pond :(

Aether said...

wooow! pretty AMAZING pictures!! :)
hehe! long time ago, still... what a beautiful place!!!!

greetings from Chile ^^!!

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