Saturday, July 07, 2007


On the 3 July 2007, a gigantic event was held in Dongseo University, Busan. It's W.I.N.G (World Interiors for the New Generation). We didn't know what was happening really. what caught our attention was a huge banner with UiTM logo there. So, around 5.30pm, Teresa (my lab mate) heard some clink clank and tum tum sound coming from outside. So, all of us went out to watch the dance performance. It's the welcome reception of this event and we also met 5 Malaysians from UiTM.

2 guys + 2 girls performing a dance in front of UIT building

Close up~

Clink Clank Tum Tum..

Spin, spin, spin, spinning our heads together

Unique hate

Left a spin, Right a spin.. Won't they ever get dizzy? o_O?

Classical Musical performance inside UIT 6th floor lobby

A video of the dance:

We saw many people in this WING workshop. Students from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and etc gather in Busan for this 8 days event. First time seeing some cultural dance in Korea, very interesting. Hope to see more soon. Billy, out.

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