Thursday, July 26, 2007

One Day Trip to Gyeong Ju - Part III

22 July 2007 @ WolSeong Palace [월성], Gyeong Ju

WolSeong Palace is also known as BanWolSeong (literally "Half Moon Fotress"). It's the royal palace compound of the Korean Silla monarchy in Gyeoeng Ju. It takes it name from the outline wall that shaped like cresent moon. This palace is also listed as one of thee UNESCO world heritage. Inside the compound of this palace lies another attraction, the Anapji Pond [안압지]. The place was marvelous when the pond was filled with water. Now, it is dry, empty and dirty. Nevertheless, I found some great photos of the Anapji pond. =P

A video of us going in, from the entrance

One of the structures inside WolSeong Palace

That's me... [hmm.. why do I looked so cool?]

DeYan, me, ChauLun and ShinKeat [see those aunties back there laughing at us and immitating our pose?]

The dried Anapji Pond

The un-dried Anapji Pond [looks better lar]

Another view in the palace compound

Seems like Gyeong Ju got a lot of structures and remains from the Silla Dynasty eh? Hint: there's more to come.. hehehe.. So, after visiting the palace, we went to a very yellowish and orangy place. Want to know where? I'll reveal it tomorrow lah. Gotta do my work now. Billy, out.

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