Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm an Alien...

2 July 2007 - Busan Immigration Office

It's the day me and other trainees officially become an alien. We took subway from Jurye to Jungang-dong station. Then we head straight to the Busan Immigration Office to get our alien card. We finally got our alien card [to open bank account to get money from DSU]!!

Subway at Jurye [fast and efficient]

My alien caaard......

2 July 2007 - Yongdusan Park & Nampo-dong

Right after getting the alien card, we went to Nampo-dong to look see look see. Then we saw a tall tower and decided to pay the tower a visit. And so we climb, climb, climb again.

Busan Tower & Me & an aunty walking in front of me

The Statue of Chungmugong and Busan Tower at the back

Statue of Baeksan An Hee-Jae & Me and & an uncle standing at the back [people like to interupt my photo shooting session hor? =( ]

"DONG!!" Me hitting the Citizen's Bell =P

ChauLun and me @ the Flower Clock [The only flower clock with the second hand in Korea]

5 trainees & the Dragon Statue [this korean lady really don't know how to take photos lah]

Taken from Yongdusan Park [forgot to mention, all those statues reside in Yongdusan Park]

Omigosh! See how packed this city is...

Then we went to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts @ Nampo-dong town

I ate one of those fried bun [煎包] forgot what it's called, but it's quite nice

Streets of Nampo-dong [under maintenance]

Yong Tau Foo like food, you can find it everywhere on the street

Yum, yum, me and Suhan tried it. Taste like Yong Tau Foo [My piece got "dong fun" inside one, quite special]

Tired day but satisfied. At least I tried some roadside food in Korea. Hehe.. I shall be going there again soon. That place is huge! Till then, Billy, out.


Mindy said...

Ko..u look quite noob on ur 'Alien'card la..look kinda shocked..mayb bcos dats wen they told u u r now an alien isit?..sigh..i wanna eat Korean food also..i wan go thr ring the bell also..nvm..i jz c ur pix n imagine la.. =D

beaubee said...

nice can go around.we here no place can go.everyday thy work until midnite,so only go out in the weekend,if want so.but the best is stay at home and rest lah.mm,i wanna have a trip too.

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