Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hae Jang Guk - 해장국

Last saturday, ShuYun, Pu, Hofun, Meng Hui and the five trainees went to Sasang to eat Hae Jang Guk! Hae Jang Guk comes with a bowl of soup with some big bones, and you have "dig" out all the meat to eat.

Hae Jang Guk with a bowl of rice

Everybody's in the photo except SuHan

Cheers after finishing our dinner

An introduction on how to eat Hae Jang Guk by Me & Hofun =P

Yummy, yummy.. It's very nice. Thanks to ShuYun and Hofun who suggested and actually brought us there to eat. 감사합니다! Billy, out.

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beaubee said...

ee,who si the girl in black shirt?she is malaysian?

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