Sunday, July 29, 2007

One Day Trip to Gyeong Ju - Part IV

22 July 2007 @ Flowerbed of Gyeong Ju

Outside of the WolSeong Palace was full of these yellowish and orangy flowers. And this is another place we stayed long and took plenty of photos. It was one hell of a beautiful scenery. Enjoy the photos~

Green green grass of July...

A pond full of lotus but no flowers

Ah-ha! Found one, but it's not bloomed

ChauLun, DeYan, me and ShinKeat ^^v


Neverending flowers

Flowers at close-up

4 trainees with ShuYun buried in the orangy flowers

Destiny: Shall we meet on the bridge, holding an orange flower

The shadow of 4 guys on the bridge of sorrow?

We had quite some joyous time at the park but we can't stay long as we have our final destination to visit. Billy, out.


deyan said...

Nice flowers, we should take more photo in this lovely place ^^

Eu Hua said...

Why don't you put some text on the "Shall we meet on the bridge" photo, and make it looks like a drama series DVD cover?

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