Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Workshop at GoSeong [고성]

13 July 2007 @ GoSeong

I went to GoSeong with Hofun and other lab mates to attend a workshop called Ambient Intelligence For Global Warming. They are initiating a project to research on how to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air by growing more algae. It's been found that algea is the only plant that can absorb the most CO2 with the ratio of its size. We travelled for more than 2 hours and finally reached this place called GoSeong, a very ulu place. Besides some boring, can't-even-understand-a-word talk by some professors, that ulu place also got some nice sceneries.

Stanley and I [He also went to the workshop]

The only 3 korean girls in my lab [Kyeong-Ran, Yong-Mi, Jung-Hye]

The tanks inside the research lab

Those plastic containers are for breeding algae, I think...

Dinner time! Crabs~

Raw Sotong~~

Raw Fish~~ [회] It's korean delicacies

This is how you eat 회. 1) put the fish on a piece of vege 2) put some sauce 3) fold it 4) eat it! yummy~

White rice [becomes like that after u shake hard inside the bowl]

Me and Professor Lee Byung-Gook [the prof in charge of me]

Our supper! Tidbits and alchohols

Fried chicken [part of the supper]

The Koreans really like to drink, and they are good drinkers. I drank some 소주[soju] and 맥주[beer] and I tak boleh tehen already. I went to bed but they continue to drink....

14 July 2007 @ GoSeong

I woke up at around 9am and went to take my breakfast. Guess what? They serve rice and fish for breakfast. Then we went to the dinosaur park and dinosaur musuem just nearby after the workshop is over. It's really a huge park but we don't have much time to explore the whole place as we're in a hurry to go back.

My Breakfast!

Early morning in GoSeong

Dino statue and me @ the Dinosaur Park, GoSeong

The scene from the park

HELP! T-Rex in GoSeong!!

Another view from DinoLand

Many many dinosaurs.. ganasNYER...

Me and Hofun wearing special glasses to watch a 3D animation of Adventure with Dinosaurs

It says that there are fossils of dino foot prints down there.. Don't know true or not...

Mud crack got lah. These are mud cracks from dinosaur time. O_O

Me at seaside, still searching for some kind of fossils...

Taken inside a cave, no signs of dino foot prints leh...

FINALLY! We found the fossils of dino foot prints... See those small holes in the middle of the photo? Believe it or not, there are really dinosaurs' foot prints!

After visiting Dinosaur Land and took a late lunch. We went back and reached Busan around 6pm. A tiring trip, but worth it lah. Hope my professor will organize more outstation trips, then I can go visit other places for free. =P Billy, out.

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waoh,long time no check ur blog.u went to alot of interest places wo n eat nice.

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