Sunday, July 08, 2007

KMMCS Reception

KMMCS stands for Korea Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces. The seminar lasted 3 days where professors of some universities gave talk about formulae in curves and surfaces. Friday was the last day of the seminar and everyone who attended the seminar are invited to the reception. We went all the way to Boemil-dong to one of my lab mates' house to eat Sam Geok Sal [loosely translated as fried 3-layered pork]

Side dishes

Marinated duck meat on hot pan [오리 불고기]

Sam Geok Sal

Nam-Seok doing funny face

6 July 2007 @ Democracy Park

Some information at the entrance

Inside Democracy Park

A painting inside the building

Monument of Korea's Democracy

Me and Hofun

Me and Nam-Seok

A clearer view of the monument [too bad it was closed at that time]

what's this? It actually represents a fire, the spirit of the people fighting for democracy.

Night view from the park

Another side of night scenery

Me and do-chil, one of my Korean lab mates

Finally, I got to eat Sam Geok Sal. I'm the last person out of the 5 trainees to try this food. It's quite delicious despite being one of the most unhealthy food in Korea [very oily]. Eating it once in a while wouldn't harm I guess. =P Billy, out.

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