Monday, July 16, 2007

Haeundae Beach 해운대

12 July 2007 @ Haeundae

Right after hiking down from GeumJongSan, we took the subway to Haeundae! Before we stroll along the beautiful beach, we had early dinner in one of the shops there.

Post dinner photo

This is it, Haeundae Beach!

It's not the peak season yet [Peak summer season: mid of July to August]

Ms Kiu, ChauLun, me and DeYan @ the cliffs of Haeundae [The mermaid is right down there]

5 trainees & the mermaid statue

Me, mermaid and an uncle fishing back there [dangerous stunt coz the rocks are slippery and waves are strong]

SuHan, me, DeYan, ChauLun, ShinKeat

ShuYun and us sitting on the wall


Jummmp.. again..

Went to Haeundae Market afterwards...

The streets of Haeundae Market [just like pasar malam]

And so, we take the subway back to DSU. We reached our dorm around 11pm. Whoa, 15 hours!! My feet were crying for a rest, Hahaha.. Billy, out

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beaubee said...

waoh,u all look so happy tere.enjoy ur time n take care.dun play play play until "no rest".hehe.c u.

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