Friday, July 13, 2007

Beomeosa 범어사

12 July 2007 @ Beomeosa

I skipped one day to go to Beomeosa! Haha.. because I have to accompany Ms. Kiu Cheng Chieh [FIT lecturer] who came to Korea for vacation [lame excuse eh =P]. So, Ms. Kiu, ShuYun and we 5 trainees took off at 8am and reach Beomeosa around 10am.

My Teenager Ticket [I'm suppose to buy adult ticket you know =P]

The map of Beomeosa Temples

Me and ShinKeat acting cool

ShinKeat, DeYan, ChauLun, me.... going up to the temple

Refreshing mountain water

One of the temples in Beomeosa

Ms. Kiu & us on the steps

Another scene around Beomeosa

ShuYun, me, ChauLun, DeYan, ShinKeat and SuHan in front of "DaXiongDian"


Posing in the small space between the 2 rocks

Yet another temple with a huge rock

Yuppz, we're still in Beomeosa

12 July 2007 @ GeumJongSan [金井山]

Beomeosa is situated in GeumJongSan hill. So after visiting the temples, off we go to climb the hill. We have to hike for about 2.4km to reach the top of the hill. Here we go~

Get set, Ready, Go! [starting point to climb up to the summit of GeumJongSan

A photo on the stream

Just started climbing, all still so happy ya..

Up, up, up we go~

Reached a pitstop

4 "I love you" and one "Aja Aja fighting"

4 people has been reported to be shot and faked their death on the border gate on GeumJongSan

The Great Wall of China? Nope, just a very long rock wall.

This is the toughest part of the climb

Taking a rest. Almost reach the top!!

And we reached! [GuTangFong @ 801.5m]


All of us on the summit!

Scenery 1 on the hill

Scenery 2 on the hill [very misty, can't get clear view]

Videos on GeumJongSan Summit:

Taken at the summit of GeumJongSan Summit

*shout* MMU CheGo! CheGo! CheGo! Aja Aja Fighting~

It was very hot on the summit and a lot of insects flying around. We went down after taking the videos and join back Ms. Kiu who has been waiting for us [she didn't climb]. Next stop: Haeundae Beach!! Billy, out.

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