Monday, July 09, 2007

Magoli 막걸리

6 July 2007, 11pm @ the streets of Naengjeong

Me, ShinKeat, DeYan, ChauLun, SuHan, ShuYun and Pu went to this shop for a drink, Magoli [막걸리]. Magoli is a mixture of rice wine and Sprite-liked carbonated drink.

Z통ㅣ 방 - The shop we went

The golden teapot is full of Magoli and we use bowls to drink

My bowl with Magoli [looks like milk eh?]

Some tidbits we ordered - Chicken Liver

Hot soup~



Graffiti on the wall

7 names on the wall [saddening... you'll know why if you really know me =P]

acting drunk... [one of them is really drunk, not me though.. kekekeke]

ShinKeat, DeYan, ChauLun, Me, ShuYun and SuHan

7 golden bowls around the golden teapot

7 people, 7 left hands, 7 bowls @ 7/7/07 [Lucky Seven!!]

There you go, the mighty 7


After the drink, we went back to Ujin Apartment and chit chat until the sun is up [around 5.30am]. Then all of us tak boleh tehen already, so we went back to our dorm to sleep. It was very memorable and a breakthrough talking with the rest of the tranees and 2 seniors [ShuYun and Pu]. Because we sit in the middle of the road to talk! But finally we had to go into SuHan's dorm around 4am because it was too cold outside. And please, Hofun and Teresa, please don't scold ShuYun. It's not her fault that we stayed up so late ya. =P Billy, out.


Eu Hua said...

Man, all these post is making me hungry. Why is there two extra character behind your name?

Billy said...

You don't know what's wrong in that photo? I wrote my name wrongly! That's why my friend added 二世 there. =(

beaubee said...

i wan try to drink aso.any korean tea or sm others special tea at tere?

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