Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One Day Trip to Gyeong Ju - Part I

22 July 2007 @ Bulguksa [불국사], Gyeong Ju

It was a one day trip for the 5 of us [MMU trainees] and ShuYun jie jie to the famous city of Gyeong Ju. Gyeong Ju is a famous historical city in Korea, and it's also one of the well-known tourist attraction. It's said that this city is the capital of Silla dynasty more than a millennium ago. It's also known as "museum without walls" [but with a lot of entrance fees to pay].

We took subway and express bus to Gyeong Ju and took a public bus to our first destination, Bulguksa Temple. This temple has a lot of beautiful architecture of the golden age of Buddhist art in the Silla Kingdom. It's one of the must-go places if you come to South Korea.

Inside express bus to Gyeong Ju

Reached Gyeong Ju!!

Entrance of Bulguksa Temple [we're holding our tickets]

A lake inside at the temple complex

5 trainees @ Bulguksa

Cheongungyo (Blue Cloud Bridge) and Baegungyo (White Cloud Bridge)

DeYan, ShinKeat, ShuYun jie jie, ChauLun and me

the 5 of us again on top~

Seokgatap Pagoda

A drum at the southeast corner of the temple

DaXiongDian, the main hall of the temple



We were quite in a hurry as we were off our schedule and we have to catch a 1-hour interval bus to our next stop: Seokguram! Don't forget to check back frequently for my next post. =P Billy, out.


de said...

Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram are listed as one of the World Heritage properties.Visit here for more information.

beaubee said...

the bridge is so amazing.i like ur last displayed picture,named "surrounding".can you send me.it myb can be my drawing background.

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