Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One Day Trip to Gyeong Ju - Part II

22 July 2007 @ Seokguram Grotto [석굴암], Gyeong Ju

The Seokguram Grotto is one of the national treasures in Korea and also listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage. It's situated not far from Bulguksa Temple but we decided to take a bus to get there. [lazy mah...] The main attraction in Seokguram is the 4.8m tall stone sculpture of Buddha. To avoid any unwanted circumstances that might happened to the statue, it has been fenced up with a glass wall and visitors are not allowed to take any photo of it.

Entrance of Seokguram Grotto [all of us are holding our tickets]

The misty path to the sculpture.... [the temperature was quite cooling]

We're going to climb this... not! It's some rocks stacked together at the side

4 guys, a girl and misty surroundings

Can you feel the coldness up there? [getting more and more humid and cooling]

White lanterns for the dead people

Many many white lanterns~

Finally, we reached the place where the statue of the Buddha sits [photo courtesy of]

Everyone is so sullen [hehe.. just acting cool =P]

An architecture in Seokguram

DeYan: AH!! My money!! WeiLiam and ShinKeat: NOOO!! Don't jump!
[Never try this anywhere unless you have first-aiders beside you] =P

After visiting Seokguram, wee rushed down to take our lunch [ramyeon aka instant noodles] at a small shop. At the same time, ShuYun bought some local barley bread for us to try. Thanks to ShuYun~ We took a bus to our next stop after having our tummy filled. Where? You'll know soon enough... Billy, out.

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beaubee said...

omg,it is so pretty.i wan go!i wan go!i most like this kind of place liaw.pretty building,nice environment,cold cold weather....

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