Sunday, August 05, 2007

Summer Season - Haeundae Beach [해운대]

28 July 2007 @ Haeundae Beach [해운대]

It's summer peak! A big bunch of us [me, ShinKeat, ChauLun, DeYan, SuHan, YuShu, ChunWei, ErnYu, Erin, Stanley and Pu] went to the beach on a hot summer's day to take a dip in the cooling water. To tell the truth, the sand is really burning hot [because it's at the hottest time of summer] and the water in the sea is freezing cold. But after staying in the water for some time, you'll get used to the temperature. The beach was so packed but we managed to get a place under the umbrellas.

All of us [taken at the subway station] except Stanley (photographer)

Haeundae!! Look to the left...

...and look to the right...

... And you have a bunch of monkeys in front of you =P

ChunWei, Erin, ShinKeat, me, Stanley and YuShu (center)

4 guy trainees off the the deep sea with a float~

me and YuShu buried in the sand [nice sculpture] =P

Stanley and me took photo with 3 Korean girls sitting next to us

Introduction by Erin~

We were all having lots and lots of fun. How I wish I can go there again. One day is not enough leh... Summer's going to end soon, don't think we'll have time to go there again. Though we had fun, one little incident happened that makes me real sad. I lost my beloved watch which I have been wearing for 5 years in the sea. I don't know how I lost it as the watch is always tightly gripped on my left wrist. Well, it's kind of uncomfortable without a watch now. But "new one won't come if old one didn't go", so I'm looking forward to buy a new watch soon. ^^ Billy, out.

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