Sunday, August 12, 2007

Busan Sea Festival

1 August 2007 @ Haeundae Beach

Here we are at Haeundae Beach again~ This time, we [me, ShinKeat, DeYan, ChauLun, SuHan, ShuYun, Hofun, Erin, ErnYu] went there during the evening to watch the performance and fireworks prior to the opening ceremony of Busan Sea Festival.

The Busan Sea Festival is held at various beach locations including Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Song-do Beach, and Songjeong Beach, and at various places in the city of Busan. It is Korea’s largest sea festival, and is a liaison of Busan International Rock Festival, Busan International Beach Dance Festival, Korean Sea Literature Festival, Busan Beach Game Festival and more. This year, the grand festival is held from the 1st August to 9th August.

This is the opening performance of that day. We can't get close-ups from the stage as we stood quite a distance from the stage. And look at the thousands of people who flocked there for the opening ceremony!

For the whole night, there's one orchestra performance, a bunch of sexy girls performing belly dance and singing by various artistes for the rest of the show. The night was very lively and happening and the opening ceremoney ended with marvelous fireworks which lasted around 30 minutes.

All of us that went there anticipated the fireworks the most, and it didn't let us down either. Great Show! Talking about fireworks, there'll be an International Fireworks Competition at Putrajaya starting from the 18th of August till 2nd of September. Perhaps you should go catch a glimpse of those beautiful fireworks from different countries if you have the time. Billy, out.


lclun said...

It was a wonderful experience!

Eu Hua said...

yea, might be going there this Saturday to celebrate Kian Ban's birthday.

sansan said...

hey ...we hv fireworks too in malaysia !!! curently we have malaysia International Fireworks Competition in Putrajaya :P ...

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