Monday, August 27, 2007

Farewell KokShin, ShuYun & ErnYu

3 August 2007 @ near 부경대 [Pukyong National University]

KokShin, ShuYun and ErnYu are the Malaysian seniors in Dongseo University and they have finished their Masters here. So, we [other Malaysians] treated them a dinner in a restaurant somewhere near Pukyong National University before they fly back to Malaysia.

ShuYun, ErnYu, KokShin leaving Korea soon...

All Malaysians in Dongseo except Jessy, SuHan, SeongYee and Teresa

After dinner, we went around to look for a place to have a drink. we ordered some cocktails and chit-chatted all night long.

4 trainees and Meng Hui aka God

Me and my Blue Hawaii cocktail

The boss of the pub [leftmost] and the bartender [in red and specs] took photo with us

Took photo with another female bartender

Free tequilla for everyone in the pub all because of us..

I think because we stayed there for a long time and we're making a lot of noise, the boss decided to give everyone a free tequilla. It wasn't that bad afterall. We reached home past midnight. What a long night... Billy, out.

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