Monday, November 02, 2009

A Fun-Filled Loooooooong Day

30 August 2009 @ Neway, One Utama & Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, One Utama & Taman Bukit Maluri & Station One, Aman Puri

We didn't manage to sing karaoke the last time we went out, due to some external factors which I do not wish to include here. *Ahem* Let's just say that we did make up for the loss. Had a karaoke session early in the morning, before the birds even start chirping.

All white shoes - Note Uncle Wong's shoe is similar to mine! Sama brand lagi..

The gang comprises of 3 people who didn't contribute to the national economy growth, plus one who contributed too much to Malaysia's cash flow. And because of that, we had to take the early bird karaoke session (which is the cheapest) and we get to sing for 2 hours ONLY!

Aunty Bee aka Indian Pretty Lady (IPL), Aunty Cheng aka Cheng Yee, Uncle Wai or Uncle Wong, Me!

Luckily Neway serves buffet breakfast. At least the food covers back the money I paid for singing.

All of a sudden, a pinky freaky monster ambushed into our room. I was sitting facing the door and screamed on purpose. Mana tau... these people screamed too, when they saw the monster. I really laughed out loud.

it's actually collecting donation for some disaster thingy

Not really satisfied with our karaoke, we head on to Wong Kok Hong Kong Restaurant for a drink. We talked and talked and talked... and someone started abusing the pencil and papers for patrons to take order.


Well, couldn't deny that she can really draw something.

Later on, Uncle Wong tried his luck on drawing too! Which turn out... he's good in imaginative art! Aunties and uncles took turn adding this and that to spice up the drawings. So this is the final product after sitting there for about 2 hours? 3 hours? *I lost track*

In the late afternoon, I went to visit my granduncle. Then, head back to Aunty Cheng's house for BBQ. These girl who organized the party, marinated the food, prepared everything, invited people, but doesn't have a BBQ pit! and nobody knows how to start a fire!

Poor William gotta do all the dirty job while Bryan tried to kick him. Hmmph!

The Indian lady and the UK boy went back to rest and changed before joining the pack for the dinner. A few more friends of theirs join in.

The 3 chickenwingeers?

Bryan, ChunHao, me, SokBee, SiawCheng and Stewart (squatting)

Everyone wants to get a hand on cooking the food. So does the indian lady who couldn't control the flame on the pit and kept burning her food. Perhaps she likes it BLACK, just like her name applies.

The after dinner activity is more talking and playing cards. They were playing some sort of confusing game with a lot of shouting and laughing.

The SMKTBM PPS (Pengawas Pusat Sumber)

We were making so much noise that we were afraid that we'll get smelly tofu and rotten tomatoes being thrown at us. So we decided to head on to Station One at Aman Puri to rock on the crazy night.

Once there, we asked for 2 decks of cards and started playing Chor Dai Dee. Non stop playing and non stop losing for ChunHao and Calvin. Bad luck day for them.

I think it was around 3am or 4am when everyone is finally tired and barely keeping their eyes open. I went back home, dropped down tired. Flat.

Anyway, it was a really fun outing with the people, especially the 2 that I can only meet once every year. (that is if they come back to Malaysia) I started working and SiawCheng had her studies, so we didn't go out like crazy last year. But I still hope that we can meet up to have fun again next year.

Till then, all the best to you guys in your studies. And I mean you, you and you. Ganbatte! Billy, out.

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