Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Burstday, Eddie!

29 September 2009 @ Kota Damansara

Eddie was one of my housemates for almost the 3 whole years of my tertiary education in MMU and it was his birthday! I tried to gather my 2 other housemates but only 1 turned up, for a little birthday dinner with Eddie.

We all met up at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara and drove around to decide what to eat. Since Eddie is the man-of-the-day, we let him take the pick for dinner. And he made his choice - Home Made Fish Head Noodles.

The main reason he picked this shop is because the colour theme of the shop is in GREEN! He loves green.

There were only 3 of us...

Solid, the king of babis

Eddie, the Babi Master

and me of course, the caretaker of the babis

As the usual babis, we ordered food for a million people. We ordered their homemade fish head noodles, some kind of rice with meat and soft-boiled eggs. I don't remembered the name of the dishes we ordered, so just enjoy the photos lah.

After eating and all the chatting, I gave Eddie his present. He seems pretty happy as he thought it'll only be a simple dinner with his friends and never thought of getting any present.

Ta-Da! A pair of boxers!

Finally, we ordered 2 desserts to end our day - ice cream and red bean ais kacang. Because the ais kacang is too tall and the scooping skill is at level 0, I dropped the whole scoop of ice cream on the table. Embarass-nyer!

I had a good day with the 2 fellas though the food is not that great. Hope he'll like his present and wear them often. Cheers for babis. Billy, out.


Eddie said...

AHHHH I'm shy~~

Jessica said...

wahhhhhh, eddie with boxers woh... (lucky not eddie 'in' boxers..later ur blog 18sx dy) :P

sudah lama no see u guys loooo

Billy said...

shy what lah shy...

hahaha.. no worries my blog is rated "U" one. Old apek to young babies also can read. So no 18SX stuffs de.

yaaa, long long time... we all should find an excuse to meet up again hor. *wink wink* =P

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