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Yummy Historical Walk [Part 2]

5 September 2009 @ Malacca

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JooLi and I walked around the Stadthuys Square, aka Red House. It's the another significant landmark of Malacca.

At the square, you can see the Christ Church, Queen Victoria's Fountain (right in the center) and Malacca Clock Tower. If you want to take a ride on a trishaw, there were quite a number of them lining up for you to pick.

I saw a little alley between the shops at Red House, and went in to take a look. Seems that the little alley leads to the Malacca River (Sungai Melaka). There's a stairs to walk down to the side of the river.

Beautiful weather, nice back-lane scenery, and a handsome model. *perasan* What can I do? Decided to take some jumping-into-the-river shots. Turned out pretty cool eh? Thanks to my pro photographer! =)

We also visited Holland in that short period of time! Yeah right, it's just a little windmill standing at the side of Malacca River. Haha! Would love to visit the real Holland someday.

After that, we crossed the river to reach near the Jonker street. JooLi suggested to buy tarts from this little shop on a narrow road - Tart Tart Bakery.

I ain't revealling what we bought till the end of the post. Anyway, we tapao the tarts and head towards the ship. Along the way, I saw a new structure.

It looks like a newly built/ discovered fortress or something. I don't really know what's the name of it, and I have never seen this thing before (a decade ago). Being the curious William, I climbed the stairs to snap a few photos. A few cannons were sitting on the top, and I sit on top of the cannon.

Another interesting I saw was the "Kincir Air Kesultanan Melayu Melaka". I wanted to take a photo with that thing but there were a bunch of indian teenagers hogging up the place. Losing my patience, I just took a photo of the watermill with those people inside.

Walk and walk and walk some more, we reached The Ship. It's actually the Maritime Museum, a replica of the Frol de la mar ship. In common terms, we just call it The Ship.

A couple of tourists wanted to visit the museum but it was CLOSED! The opening hours displayed clearly stated that it should be open at that time, but they closed it without any notice. I guess the people there are just too busy getting ready to break fast (it was fasting month for Muslims) and couldn't be bothered about the tourists in Malacca. Bad impression of Malaysia man.

Well, I managed to take a good photo here. And helped a couple took photo with the ship too!

After we left the ship, we saw our shadow on the road and wanted to capture it. The kind lady whom I helped to take her photo earlier asked whether I needed help to take our photo. I kindly rejected her help, we don't need it anyway.

*Note the top right corner of this photo is the lending hand of the kind lady. How nice of her*

While walking back to our hotel, we bypassed Taming Sari Tower (Menara Taming Sari). It's the first revolving gyro tower in Malaysia, measuring 110 meters in height.

going up!

Curious on how much it takes for a ride like that, I went in for enquiry. If not mistaken, it's RM10 for a 7 minutes ride. But for those who enjoy sceneries from high up, or those who are birds-wannabe, it should be an incredible experience to be able to see the whole of Malacca in one glance.

on top of the.. Malacca!

It was a really hot day. With tarts on in my hands, we stopped at the McDonald's to quench our thirst and munch our tarts. We bought 2 Portugese egg tarts, 1 cheese tart and 1 blueberry cheese tart. The tarts were so heavenly we decided to buy more before going back to KL on the next day.

From Dataran Pahlawan, we walked back to Fenix Inn for a quick rest before heading out again for dinner. We had a special guest who joined our evening session for dinner and more! Well, it'll be in my final post on this Malacca trip. Billy, out.

... continue at Yummy Historical Walk [Part 3]


Julez said...

I still can 'taste' the tarts melting in my mouth..yum yum~!!

Borneo Falcon said...

Wow! They have windmill there now

leo said...

the menara taming sari cost RM20 per person?last time i ride for only rm 10 by showing my Mykad..

Billy said...

I think it's RM10 per person. But the website wrote RM20 wor... Hehe..

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

cheh...check website one...ingat u go ask.....xD

Billy said...

I did ask... but forgot... I thought it was RM10 then I checked website says RM20, so I put RM20 lor... @_@

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