Thursday, November 05, 2009

Yummy Historical Walk [Part 1]

5 September 2009 @ Malacca

It was supposed to be a little gathering for JooLi's friends, but the plan were postponed. So I said, why not we stay with the plan and head on to Malacca since I've not really tour around since.... 11 years old? That was a decade ago! Well, she agreed. =)

JooLi and I departed from KL early morning. When we reach Malacca, the first thing we do is to try to check in. But we reached way too early to check in, we head for Chicken Rice Balls for brunch instead.

I can see the 3 words - "chicken rice balls" almost everywhere in Malacca. It has become so commercialized people started making their own balls. Nothing special to be, except the SHAPE of it.

We headed back to our pre-booked Fenix Inn and we're still too early. Luckily they have parking lots for tenants. We parked our car and walked over to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall for a walk. Never thought we'll end up shopping and buying stuff!

When it's about noon time, we checked into our little cozy room and head out to hunt for food again. We went to Donald & Lily Corner for "tea".

This shop is quite recognized in that area and was visited by the Ho Chiak food show on 8TV. Looks like it's really worth a visit.

The shop was not very big. We were lucky to be able to find a place to sit. Many people had to wait for a table as the place is really packed. The interior was decorated with many beautiful vases, teapots, statues and etc.

Back to the food there. We had cendol, laksa and Tau Kua. Laksa was really good, though I was sweating through my pores, eyes and nose. The cendol was great for a hot day. But I don't really like Tau Kua, as I don't really fancy eating tofu.

After eating, headed back to the hotel again, just to park our car there. We then walked across Dataran Pahlawan, towards A'Famosa.

One of Malacca's unique - colourful trishaw

The landmark of Malacca - A'Famosa Fortress

I still remember the last time I came here, was with my classmates when we were 11 years old. An ang moh (foreigner) was playing his guitar at the top of the stairs. My friends were so entertained by him that they gave him a lot of their pocket money. I wasn't one of them.

Up the stairs, we reached St Paul's Church, that is sitting on St Paul's Hill. I didn't have much memory at that place besides a caged hole. That's all I could remember. I think it's because my friends and I spent too much time listening to the guy on his guitar 12 years back. Blerh!

JooLi with the caged thing that I remembered

Jump shot is a must

We came down from the hill and walked over to Stadthuys (old Dutch spelling meaning "Town Hall"), also known as the Red Square.

Built by the Dutch as early as the 16th century, it's one of the significant sight in the heart of the Malacca town. We went to say hallo to Oliver the Bulldozer and some kind of old fire engine. Don't really know them or their history, just want to see them because they're really old.

Malacca view from hilltop

It's a long long post, so I'm going to split them into a few posts. This is the end of Part 1, more photos of Stadthuys and yummy food coming up in the subsequent posts. Stay tune! Billy, out.


gio said...

yea..jz the shape of the rice is difference..and such a lembik rice doesnt really taste good..haha

Anonymous said...

William, where is my souvenir?
want it even i've to go there before this.



Xjion89 said...

long time din visit Malacca liao~~~
visited for my Year 6 school trip. wow, very long already!

chicken rice ball, i oso tot tat there is meat in it...@@

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