Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yummy Historical Walk [Part 3]

5 September 2009 @ Malacca

...continue from Yummy Historical Walk [Part 2]

JooLi and I headed back for a shower, rested and got ready for our final round of food hunt in Malacca. This time, we had a special guest - Foong! We met him near the place we stayed and head on to Alai Ikan Bakar [Grilled Fish].

There were lots of seafood to choose from. I really don't know which to take!

Grilling in progress...

JooLi and Foong

We didn't wait long till our food comes. This is what we had - Prawns on sticks, Grilled Chilli Dunno-What-Fish, Otak-otak and Fried Calamari. Everything was superlicious!

There was a signboard near the shop that caught our attention. According to the "Malaccans", the signboard has been there for quite some time. It says "Lembu Dilarang Masuk. Tanah Persendirian" [translated as: If you are a cow, you're prohibited of entering. Private land.] Didn't know that cows could read nowadays. Haha!

Right after dinner, we drove to Jalan Bunga Raya for Oh Chien [Fried Oyster]. Apparently, this little stall is quite well-known. There were people queueing up just to tapao the Oh Chien.

My mouth was drooling all over the place already while waiting for it to be served. We got our pack of Oh Chien after not long... and it's goooooood! Probably the cook wasn't stingy on the amount of eggs he put in, that's why it tasted so good. Now I missed this shop more after eating a lower quality Oh Chien at SS2 just now.

We needed to walk around to help on our digestion, thus we went to Jonker Walk. It's just like Petaling Stree, but more interesting stuffs were sold here.

When we were there, a bunch of young adults were singing some patriotic songs [it was near Independence Day]. Stood there to watch for a while before heading towards Geographers for a drink.

The boys had a bottle of Heineken each...

... and the girl aka the driver had Raspberry Esprit!

I've not had beer for a long time. Didn't really enjoy beer that much but I just feel like drinking one that night.

Geographers and Ringo's are 2 different cafe/ bar that is situated opposite each other. They both play live music, live singing and live dancing. So I guess there's an agreement with each other where both parties take turns to play the music.

So, when it's Geographers' turn, we had a terrible keyboardist and a few singers. Then it turned out to be a dance party where some of them line-danced and after that was pretty much free-style. Kids, teenagers, angmohs and everyone were enjoying and all dancing along. Pretty fun eh.

We hanged out till pretty late at night. Wanted to play pool but the place was so packed and we were getting really sleepy. Sent Foong back to his car and headed back to the hotel for snoozyland.

6 September 2009 @ Malacca

We checked out slightly early to go to Fook Aik Restaurant for brunch. They serves really cheap Char Siew Fan with some additional dishes.

simply delicious

Before that, we actually went back to the Tart Tart Bakery for more tarts - to buy back for our families. So, JooLi had the tarts all buckled up all the way back to KL. Safety First, aye!

When we were approaching Seremban, we suddenly thought of finding one of JooLi's best friend, Radikah for a drink. Called her up and zoom we went to her house. I was still all blur looking at that familiar basketball court near Radikah's house. Only after I picked her up that I realized her house was so near LeongKee's house! [my ex-roommate]

Anyway, we went to the Jusco at Seremban for a drink and chit-chatted for a while before sending her back home. And we continue our journey back to reality.

Although the gathering had to be postponed, the both of us had lots of fun eating, sight-seeing and meeting the some of the friends [one-at-a-time]. The postponed gathering will be coming in a few days time. I hope we'll have another fun time in Malacca! Billy, out.


aisya said...

i likkkeeee otak otak soooo muchhh!
want it too...
so romantiklah u & JooLi.

by the way this is my link

Xjion89 said...

huiyo!!!! i wan to eat over there liao...hahahaha

Billy said...

thanks for your link.
drop by often ya! =)

hahaha.. yes you should.
lots of nice food in Malacca. =D

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