Friday, November 20, 2009

Boss Raya Open House & Mooncake Festival BBQ Party

3 October 2009 @ Subang USJ

My big bosses invited everyone from my department to go to his Hari Raya Open House. Who can resist free food right? So I drove to his house after repairing my car, which cost me few hundred bucks. Forget about it, let's go back to the food.

Yuzi, Yani, one of the admin's daughter, Aisyah and Aleya

The few of us (the Malay girls and I) set to reach my boss' house at 1pm. I was a little late but mt friends were later than me. I waited outside the house for a moment and my boss saw me. So, I had to go into his house alone and talk to him while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Assistant Managers with En. Sukram - General Manager of IT Architecture, Integration and Consultancy

I didn't take any photos of the food because there were quite a number of people around and I was kinda shy to take out my camera to shoot here and there. Hehe.. Anyway, I can describe the food that I had.

There were nasi briyani, ayam masak merah, fried kuey tiaw, satay, some kind of sourish vege, assorted kuihs and her daughter cooked carbonara! I love carbonara but the one she cooked wasn't really a yummy one.

Yuzi & Aisyah with a big vase of flowers

Yani the funny, Yuzi the busy and Willy the only male assistant manager in the whole dept

We didn't stay long at En. Sukram's house because I had to rush home for the mooncake festival party while the rest headed for more Raya open houses.

3 October 2009 @ My house

In the evening, I had some of my friends to come over to my house for a BBQ party to celebrate the mooncake festival.

Well, we had lots of food - chicken wing, pork, lamb, sausages, potatoes, fish for barbeque and spagetthi, coleslaw and fruits too!

My brothers

My family

My friends

JooLi & I

*I particularly like this photo a lot* =)

The girls fighting for food with my bro

After eating and playing with lanterns, my family had to pray.

Mooncakes is a must-have during mooncake festival

Colourful Lanterns - as the mooncake festival is also known as lantern festival

I have been missing the celebration of mooncake festival with my family for 2 consecutive years - 2007 at Korea & 2008 at Taiping. This year around, I was finally able to celebrate with my family and also friends. Thanks everyone for coming! Billy, out.


Story about her life said...

not aishah la but aisyah...

Billy said...

Sorry Aisyah, dah tukar~~ hehe =)

A girl from a millions who have her own story. said...

Good job...
Miss u lah william...
tak boleh disturb u dah la...

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