Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reunion of "Uncles & Aunties"

26 August 2009 @ The Curve, Cineleisure & The Cave

"Wo Mei You Zui~~ Wo Mei You Zui~~" (translated as "I'm not drunk~~ I'm not drunk~~")

Ah, the image of aunty getting drunk is still vivid in my head. [don't bash me up, aunty]

It was almost exactly one year ago when Uncle Wong and Aunty Bee came back from UK and India respectively. We hanged out almost everyday as I have graduated that time and still jobless.

Around the same time this year, they came back to Malaysia once again. But too bad I started working, can't really hang out day and night with these kids. So, I took one day off to spend some time with them.

The four of us met at The Curve. Planned to have karaoke session but nobody bother to book and so we didn't get to sing. We went for a movie instead.

As uncle was crying for hunger, we accompanied him for lunch at Little Penang. While he had his Penang Laksa, the 3 of us fought for the Ais Kacang.

After that, we walked towards Cineleisure. Saw this huge mug thingy made by Royal Selangor. Apparently, they were having some photo taking contest where the most creative photo taken with the huge mug will win. (I think)

We also took photos but didn't submit any.

There were time to spare before our movie starts, so we headed on to McDonald's for their sundae cone! Yumz~

As we have nothing much to do, we crapped - our specialty. I didn't know how the topic started but I was explaining to SokBee about the butt selling business. The worst part was, for the whole 15 minutes of talking, she thought that the butt selling business is literally selling silicon butts!

ChunHao, Me, SiawCheng, SokBee - first reunion photo after one year

We then went to catch a 3D movie. It's supposed to be a cheap movie day because it's a Wednesday. But ended up paying double the price for the sake of watching it in 3D.

The idea of 3D was good. But the effect of 3D wasn't up to my expectation. The glasses wasn't very comfortable at the first place already. Probably because my head was too big?

Oh, we watched Up - the animation movie about the flying house with lotsa balloon. Many people complimented it, but to me, i'd give it a so-so rating. Let's skip the movie crap and head on to dinner.

As usual, we had a hard time picking the place to eat. Torn between western food and Japanese food, we made the decision to have a little Asian touch. We had dinner at Sakae Sushi and we took gazillions of stupid photos.

this is only one of the few normal ones

Did you notice that this Uncle Wong wore a similar t-shirt as me? It was really plain coincidence OR people with same DOB think alike? I'd say great minds think alike. Ah, great mind is me~

We spent quite long hours at the diner. Yet, these uncle and aunties wanted to go for a drink to crap some more! Thus, The Cave we went again. We went to the same place last year too.

Photos, photos, photos.... countless photos were taken. Stupid ones, serious ones, funny ones, dramatic ones... All sorts.

The indian aunty even dance the bollywood dance for us! Wootz!

And the complicated relationship from last year continued in The Cave this year. For more detailed story, read SiawCheng's blog. Oopz, only authorized people can read. Too bad then

Happy group pic

That was the end of the one whole day hang out with the uncle and aunties. I laughed till my jaws dropped on the ground and I had to hold it all the way back home. It was really a crazy day. Billy, out.


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