Thursday, October 08, 2009

Korean Gang at Daorae

22 August 2009 @ Daorae, Sri Hartamas

It's been quite a while since I met up with my seniors from Korea. All thanks to Howard, we had a meet up. 감사하니다!

I know most of them as they studied Masters at Dongseo University, Korea. Only a few of the interns that I wasn't personally really close with.

Me, ShinKeat, ShuYun, ChunWei [back row]
SeongYee, Rong, Shin, ShiewWoei, Della, KokShin, YuShu, Howard [front row]

It was a good gathering, with lots of talking and catching up. We even went to SS2 Murni to continue talking!

The only thing that we didn't do much was taking photo. I do have a few photos here but I guess the big family photo sumarizes everything and everyone.

Keep in touch and hopefully we can meet again some time soon. This post is dedicated to Howard and to those who can't make it to the gathering. Hehe.. Cheers! Billy, out


Yun Yi said...

"those who can't make it to the gathering"


hahaha :P

Xjion89 said...

wow, aneyo haseyo@@
hahahahaha~~~~cool gathering!

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