Tuesday, October 06, 2009

House Warming for the OUG Boys

15 August 2009 @ Bukit OUG

They were known as the Bangsar Boys and they have stayed there for almost a year. It's time to shift. It's time to get a better place. They found Bukit OUG. And now, they are the "reknowned" OUG boys!

Ok, cut the crap. HanChin, Eugene and Mike moved to their new apartment at OUG. So, we, as their ever-hunger-for-food friends suggested to have a steamboat party for their house warming.

We went to their new house quite early in the morning, to play tennis. Then preparations for the dinner started. WoonLee, the chief chef cooked the soup while some of them helped to wash and cut the other stuffs.

WoonLee and I buat kacau in the kitchen

There wasn't much to do after that. While waiting for Cheryl to come back from her assignment discussion, we took some photos with the edibles on the table. YUM!

Chef and Co-Chef

Lee: "Wah, the human flesh soup looks really good!"
Leo: "Yeah, yeah! Can't wait to taste it.. *slurpz*"
Diong: "..."

And the steamboat is ready! [without the human flesh]

labelled our cups

Mike and Wilson

JooLi and Me


After meal fruits and dessert

After the dinner, cleaned up, washed up. We take photos again! This time we took many crazy family shots. =)

Since none of the pictures above has his face, I had to include this - the ONE and ONLY photo of the man, our professional photographer, Mr. Eugene!

sorry dude, I had to censor that part because I'm running a family blog here. A bit obscene...

What more can I say? Great food, great cooks, great company, great house, great audio systems. Wish you all have a smooth stay in that house lah. Billy, out.

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Ayam Nekkid :D

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