Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Dormitory @ Dongseo University

This is the place where me and other trainees stay while training in Busan - 오 진 (ojin). There're 2 blocks of apartments there. One for guys and another one for girls. We 4 guys stayed in apartment 107, which is on the ground floor. Here're some pictures that shows the interior of the apartment.

Main door and shoe rack

Living room with all our wardrobes and the front balcony

The most important part of the apartment, TOILET! [with water heater and floor heater for winter season]

The kitchen where we seldom step in there.

Me and ShinKeat's room

ChauLun and DeYan's room

There's one more single room which is empty but the seniors told us that it will be hot staying in that room, so we decided not to used that room except dumping our dirty clothes into it. Haha... These apartments are very near to our labs [the place we work], there are also the first building you see when u come to Dongseo University. Check out next post for some photos around the campus. =P Billy, out.

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beaubee said...

waoh,only 1st week but ur room is ady so messy!hehe,take care and good luck lo.Dont forget u owe me 2 iced kopi-o and 1 pack of guava:-/

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