Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dongseo University, Busan

View from my apartment

From the entrance of DSU [Dongseo University] looking out

DSU lift [press once to select, press again to cancel floor selection]

Ubiquitous Intelligent Town [UIT] - The first building from entrance
Suhan [1st floor] and Shin Keat [8th/top floor] training in this building

The coriddor of labs/lecturer offices

Toilet - auto flush [this university is damn high tech, haha..]

The sixth floor of UIT, leads to the 2nd floor of New Millenium building

SuHan's lab [This is her packed workplace with 6 other students]

New Millemium Building (NM) - My lab is in this building [6th floor], so does ChauLun [also 6th] and DeYan [2nd floor]

DeYan's lab on second floor of NM building

lobby of NM building

Sky Lounge [restricted access to lecturers only] - 15th [top] floor of NM building

Taken from the window of UIT 6th floor

The huge balcony right outside my lab - people smoke and talk here

Taken from the huge balcony - The 5-storey blue building is my apartment

Steps, steps, steps - everwhere are steep slopes here

More slopes to climb...

A park at the top of the campus [phew, tired climb]

Right in the middle is the legendary dolphin....

... And here I am touching it, to make myself cleverer [from the legend, haha]

Beautiful plants inside the campus

The red leaves tree [bottom right corner is the enlarged leaves]

ShinKeat, DeYan, SuHan and me [feels like autumn with the red leaves =P]

Steps and nice trees

More steps? [really tired walking around DSU]

The area between NM building and Design Hall [where we usually have our lunch there]

Last but not least, I present to you the Magic Door. It is situated on the second floor of New Millenium Building. You have to go through that door to reach DeYan's lab. =D

Interesting door eh? It was white at first. When someone approaches it, it becomes clear and anyone can see through. hehe... That's about it from my own campus tour. It was very tiring to climb all the way up as my apartment is at the bottom of DSU. Me and other trainees went out to SeomYeon with some seniors later in the afternoon. That'll be in another post.... Billy, out.


beaubee said...

aiyoyo,start miss u liaw tim.hehe.take care o.

taneuhua said...

The scenery there looks nice!

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