Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KL to Busan

19 June 2007, 6am @ KLIA

Everything started very early. I reached KLIA at 6.15am and I was the last one to reach the airport. So sorry to the others for waiting for me. The five of us (DeYan, ChauLun, ShinKeat, Suhan and me) checked in at the counter and get our tickets. I had light breakfast with my family at McD and head down to Gate C15 by a train. Our flight took off at 8.10am.

ShinKeat, DeYan, me on the train to Gate C15 in KLIA

Me and TG420 [Thai Airways]

This is the second time I travelled by plane and first time having meals, listening to music, watch movie, free flow of drinks on a plane. Whoa, the service is so much better than AirAsia but price also different lah.. haha.. I was lucky I got a seat by the window, but there wasn't much to see though. It's just a short flight from KL to Bangkok [2hours] and we need to take another flight to Busan at 12noon Malaysian time.

Me and SuHan on the plane

Chicken Pasta, croissant, tea and fruits [My breakfast on plane, taste not bad]

At the mean time, we just hang around in the airport and burn time. The second flight was much longer [around 6 hours]. Most of the passengers slept after having lunch on plane. The flight was delayed and so, we reached Busan around 6.30pm Malaysian time [7.30pm Korean time]. One of MMU ex-student studying Masters there, ErnYu greeted us along with 2 staffs from the Student Exchange Center. To my surprise, one of them speaks good English while the other speaks fluent Mandarin. We took a van and a cab to Dongseo University and checked into our dormitory, an apartment for 4 guys while SuHan has to stay all by herself in an apartment.

First group photo [Me, ChauLun, SuHan, DeYan, ShinKeat] @ Bangkok Airport

Me and ChauLun @ Bangkok Airport

That's me standing on the entrance of Gate C3

Me, ChauLun, DeYan on TG654 [Bangkok to Busan]

My Lunch! [Pork with Rice, Bread, Red Wine, Salad, Coconut Cake]

At the dormitory area, we met a few more seniors from MMU and they are really helpful and friendly. We had dinner together with most of them at a restaurant, and yup, my first meal in Korea! It was very spicy dish with chicken, potatoes and "tong fun". Not to forget, every meal in Korea comes with some side dishes like Kimchi, mashed potato, pickles and etc. They are free of charge but usually we can't finish the side dishes [I guess we're not used to the taste yet]. Thank you to all the seniors for paying the bill that night. [They say it's their tradition to treat newbies wor] We really appreciated that very much but we're extremely tired after the long hours in the airplane.

Me drinking a carbonated drink like 7-up @ dinner with seniors

First meal in Korea [Spicy Chicken + lots of side dishes]

[left to right] ShinKeat, ChauLun, YuShu, ChunWei, Erin, Jessy, SuHan, ChiShian, SeongYee, HoFun, Me, DeYan [some seniors are not in photo]

My room [top], living room with our wardrobes [bottom left], entrance [bottom right]

ChauLun and DeYan in one room, Me and ShinKeat in another room

That's about it about my first day here. My first impression here was the skill of the drivers here are awesome. The roads here are very narrow [except the main road] and very hilly and steep slopes everywhere and yet they can drive and park everywhere like a little mouse. Hehe.. That's about it on my first day here, more to come soon. =P Billy, out.

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