Friday, June 29, 2007

Food in Korea

I've came to Korea for almost two weeks now and I have been eating different kind of food every single meal. Though I didn't snap all the food I ate, I will share with you some of the food me and my friends ate throughout these 2 weeks.

This is Cheese Ramyeon [치스 라면]. It's actually instant noodles but it's very famous and you can find it in almost every food shop. There are differnt types of Ramyeon: plain Ramyeon (cheapest), cheese Ramyeon, seafood Ramyeon, etc.

This is Wan Tan Mee! Can't believe there's actually a famous wan tan mee shop hidden underground in the Nampo-Dong town. It tastes quite nice. There are more than 10 wan tans in each bowls but they are all shrinked compared to Malaysia's wan tan.

I think this is hot Bibimbap. [Not very sure] All the vege, egg and rice will be stirred together and eat. It's quite a unique style of eating.

This plate is one of the oily dishes - Kimchi Fried Rice [김치볶음밥]. I've not tried this yet, but it should be quite yummy.

These are side dishes they called it 盘餐. You will get a few of these side dishes in each restaurant in Korea. The bottome 2 dishes are the most common you can find it almost everywhere. It's free and you can refill as much as you want.

This ad was taken inside McDonald's - McPork? Haha.. I hope I can order this in Malaysia. ShinKeat bought one to try. It tastes not bad but it's quite small. One more thing, they don't give chilli sauce in McDonald's, only Ketchup [if and only if you ask from the counter]

Don't really remember the name of this meal. It's meat in soup with rice. Simple but delicious.

져육덮밥!! It's one of our favourite dish. White rice with pork with spicy sauce. The serving was quite big [as in having meat more than rice]. Quite a worthy meal I say.

Another set of side dishes from the "Tuna Shop" [name given by seniors for the tuna side dish served] Seems like our seniors like to visit this shop because the owner of this shop always give us free food [they called it service] without fail everytime we visit. Some more the side dishes are delicious.

This is one of the service of the Tuna Shop - Kimbap [김밥]. It's like sushi eh? Not bad.. =P

This is another dish of white rice with some meat. Something like "man fan" in Chinese restaurant in Malaysian eh.

Nasi Goreng Pattaya?! They called it Omelette Rice. Yummy~ Yummy~

Another service from Tuna Shop. Fried wan tan with some vege and sauce to mix together.

Finally, Baskin Robbins ice-cream!! Ate at Seomyeon, quite cheap if convert to RM though.
The food shops here quite different the ones in Malaysia. Most shops near Dongseo University are small shops that accomodate 15-20 people. Side dishes are always give - between 3 to 7 dishes and they don't serve any drinks besides plain water. Wee~~ The food here cooked in very little oil but I can hardly find any fruits to eat because the fruits here are quite expensive. Hehe.. I'm going to watch Transformers with my seniors tomorrow [saturday] night. Hope I enjoy my weekend. =P Billy, out.

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beaubee said...

waoh!eat so alot ,will become fatty billy de wo.Hehe,enjoy your 3more months at korea lah.C u at Malaysia.Take care and good luck.

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