Monday, June 25, 2007

Lab NM612

Situated on the sixth floor of New Millenium Building in Dongseo University, NM612 - This is where I'll be working for the next four months. My lab consists of 7 people - 5 Masters students, 1 professor and me. Don't get me wrong, the professor in this lab is not my supervisor. He is also under my supervisor - Prof Lee Jun Jae.

The environment inside my lab [Ling (outsider), Teresa, Shamar, Hofun]

Me and Teresa Liew [Her table is to the left of mine]

Hofun and me [He aint telling his real name]

ChunWei [He wasn't in lab when I snap the photos]

Teresa's place, my place and Shamar's place

KyungRan, ChunWei and Hofun's tables

The professor Shin's place [partitioned]

Me and my labmates [Hofun, Shamar (Indian), me, Teresa, KyungRan (Korean)]

The 5 of us again~~

Actually, there is one more lab mate I have - ChunWei. He went out already while I take the photos. So, there're 4 Malaysians, 1 Indian and 1 Korean in my lab. Not bad huh? Hehe.. Well, I'm going to meet my professor in charge tomorrow to get to know my tasks. More photos and updates soon, I promise. =P Billy, out.

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beaubee said...

seem u ady hv a group of new fr tere wo.wish u hv happy time at korea.c u later.

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