Thursday, September 25, 2008

Treasure Hunt in Taiping

13 September 2008 @ Taiping, Perak

Our last weekend in Taiping was team building events. On saturday, Mr. Johari [the person in charge] organized a treasure hunt game around the town.

How lucky am I to sprained my ankle on the day before treasure hunt. Many people asked whether I should stay in my room to rest but how can I let slip a chance to get out and have fun?

The 130 odd people were divided into 10 teams, each team having 12 or 13 members. Me, Eugene, ChiaPoh and HanChin were in the same team [Team 6], uncoincidentally.

The first place we stop by to count the number of pillars

We were given a map and 10 clues to find the answer. We split into 2 after the first stop so that we can get the answers quicker.

The four of us were supposed to go to the places nearer to Multimedia College [starting and ending point] as I can't walk very fast. But ended up walking the most...

We went to Bukit Larut [aka Maxwell Hill], Taiping War Cemetery and a kids playground.

My ankle was hurting but I endure the pain to move on. At times I wonder whether my ankle will ever heal because of my playful-ness.

After gathering all the answers, we head back to MMC. The Malays from our team were waiting for us at the gate already.

When we reach the finish point, there were already more than half of the teams there. I felt bad because I feel that I slowed the team down.

When all the teams checked in, we calculated the score. Out team is the only team that scored full points! Wootz~ This proves that slow and steady wins the race!

Took picture with En. Jo

Too bad there weren't any prizes for the winners. It's merely for team building and for everyone to have fun. Well, I did have fun and made some new friends too.

What never crossed our minds was that Najib [our class representative] used the balance of our funds [for BBQ] to buy a hamper as the prize for the treasure hunt winners on the very last day of our induction course. Thanks dude!

HanChin, Team 6 leader receiving prize from Najib

Once again, we took photo with all the members of Team 6 and distributed the content to everyone.

It was a fun day and I met some really nice people. Good job team 6 and see you all around. Billy, out.

Note: My ankle has healed exceptionally fast after treasure hunt. Thanks for everyone's concern. =P


Borneo Falcon said...

Looks like fun. Hope you get well soon

Xjion89 said...

Wow, it is like a very fun camping trip(^^)But, u r too playful, coz injured still wanna play. Take a rest (^^)

Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
yes i had lotsa fun! Thx! =)

it's not a camping trip la... hahaa.. it's my company induction course in taiping...
hehe.. i'm way too playful =P

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