Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taiping Zoo

7 September 2008 @ Taiping, Perak

It's a Sunday and we decided to visit the zoo! "Let's go to the zoo~"

We walked from Multimedia College for about 30 minutes to reach our destination.

ChiaPoh, Jacky, Me, WoonLee, JooLi

Bought the ticket and went straight in. The ticket has a picture of tiger~ =P

Took lots of pictures of the animals in there... Enjoy!

See that cheeky chimpanzee showing off his little brother.. haha!

Reminds me of Storm from X-men

We took a rest half way through the zoo. Some ate ice-cream, some bought cold drinks. Played around the kid's playground and snapped more photos.

ChiaPoh, JooLi, Jacky, HanChin, WoonLee, Mike, ChungSeng, Me
[Eugene behind the camera]

Everyone turned into small kids when they saw the playground!

We walked on after a bunch of monkeys invaded and conquered all the dustbins in the playground. Up next, the birdies...

Eugene was trying to get a closer shot of the hornbill but it ATTACKED! It must have thought that the camera was food and it bit on my camera's wrist strap!

Phew~ It let go after realizing it's not edible. Haha... I like this shot though.

Finally, I saw tiggie~~ So happy to see that they're fit and healthy in there, unlike those in Everland, Korea.

The panther was doing its business when I wanted to take its picture. *shy shy* eh...

Then we saw this. It's actually an elephant's trunk. Someone's feeding leaves to it when we arrive. Poor elephant must be starving in there.

trying to get some food under the electric fence...

... then pang sai in front of me.

It's been a long time since I took a jumping photo. My pose inspired from my jump-shot-sifu, Hofun kor.

It was a really fun day! More posts to come. Billy, out.


puiyeel said...

>_< AHH SNAKE~! Why u have u start with a snake photo!

TNH said...

wow...1st time heard of Taiping zoo..seem not bad compare to the zoo at my area..how much is the entry fee

leo said...

i m so lazy to edit the animal photo..so i think when i wan to update bout zoo..i will just link to ur blog then ok d..haha

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice zoo and the ticket price is reasonable

Xjion89 said...

ooo, u all like having primary schul field trip!(^^) hahaha, i want to join to(^^). Love all the pics u took(^^)

deyan said...

Agree on the comment from leo and xjion89 :P

Billy said...

Coz' that's the first nice shot I had in the zoo. Hehe.. =P

it's really good... RM5 per person.

Haha.. no problem la.. you already linked it..

[borneo falcon]
yupz! Enjoyed it =)

Haha.. thanks! Too bored in Taiping so went out walk walk lor... All of us memang turned into small kids when we saw the playground. hehe...

Simplifying ur comments... Haha.. thanks anyway =)

lclun said...

I saw young Baloo and Bagheera =)

Moonlight said...

Brilliant pictures, especially the snake and the hornbill!! :D If I ever go to Taiping I know where I'll be visiting! I loooooove zoos.

misstangguo said...

(´・ω・`) HI HI!! leaving a footprint.. do visit me too! (´^ω^`)http://aliltoolate.blogspot.com

Billy said...

I had to google them to realize they're your friends from the world of cartoons. haha...

Thanks for the compliment!
Yea, it's worth a visit in Taiping. =)


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

now only i know Taiping got Zoo

Billy said...

yea... taiping zoo not bad oh..
at least the tigers are not fat and clumsy.. LOL

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