Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie Marathon

19 September 2008 @ Halloween

The worst movie I've ever watched. From the beginning till the end, it's about a psycho boy who kills. 15 years later he continues to kill. Boring and lame.

22 September @ Mamma Mia, The Movie

My first musical movie on the silver screen. All thanks to Nuffnang, I got 2 free tickets to watch the movie.

It's all about music and it's all about ABBA's songs. The whole movie is very lively and joyous. If you like ABBA's songs, it's a show not to be missed.

24 September 2008 @ Money No Enough 2

This was a pre-planned outing with all my friends from the TM Induction Course.

As expected, a Jack Neo's production will be full of laughter and tears. Touching scenes that we all can relate to will always appear towards the end of the show.

I wouldn't say it's his best production thus far, perhaps because I don't really understand most conversations and songs in the Hokkien dialect. Anyway, it's still a good movie.

26 September @ Painted Skin

This was a out-of-a-sudden urge from HanChin to watch the movie on that very day itself. So I bought the tickets online for HanChin, ChiaPoh, WoonLee and myself.

We went into the cinema knowing nothing about the story. Even so, enjoyed the movie. [at least it didn't make me fall asleep halfway through]

The movie is about 2 devils killing human beings for the hearts and the people trying to catch the murderer. The climax was a little bit of let down but overally, it's nice but could be better.

Watched 4 movies in 8 days, all in GSC 1Utama. My personal record so far. =P

More updates on Taiping in my next post. Billy, out.


Xjion89 said...

Waaaa, best record ever! So many movies. I think ur eyes nid a good rest after this. haha, come to my blog and look at the greens, it is good for the eyes(^^)

deyan said...

Current Record: 0.5 MPD (movie per day)
When are you going to break your record again?
Definitely, they wish to have much more customers like you XD

Billy said...

sure sure.. i always visit your blog one.. =)

MPD pulak.. hahaha...
I think not so soon lor.. the list of movies recently is not very interesting.. =\
Maybe I watched too much... Kaka...

alicoa said...

Kaki GSC.. ish..

me also followed u all to watch the 4 movies, wahaha ^^

the best is the money no enough 2, i noe hokkien, haha. want extra class for hokkien?? FOC, but provided that got free movie ticketz. XD

the lame is the stupid halloween, wat the fella doing all the time? ><" cant understand and dont want to understand.

alicoa said...

ish ish ish~ juz realized is 3 movies. miane ah~

dint watch Mama Mia. XD

Julez said...

Haha... i didnt know that you cant understand hokkien. Meaning this girl you keep laughing at can finally laugh at you because i understood what they said! Yay yay =)

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