Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another Phase of Life

2 September - 16 September 2008 @ Taiping, Perak

After breathing for more than 21 years, I'm now joining the work force in Malaysia. Or should I say I'm one of the important people that allows you to online and read my blog now.

Yes, I'm a staff of TM now and they just signed the High Speed Broadband [HSBB] contract with the government worth RM11.3bil. Read more here [pdf].

So, I had to attend this HSBB Induction Course in Taiping before I start working. This is what I did in Taiping, for 2 weeks.

Checked into our respective rooms. It's really small... and the toilet floods. Shared my room with Eugene, from MMU Melaka.

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm, we had to attend lectures and talks on company structures, staffs benefits, the technology used, HSBB technology and even how to dress yourself in the office!

No doubt, it reminds me of the "happy" times I used to have in lecture classes last time. You know what I mean... =P

Besides sleeping listening to the speakers in the room, we eat 6 times a day. TM treats their staffs quite well eh.

The problem is with the people who prepared our food. Food sucks!

We eat at 7.30am [breakfast], 10.30am [morning tea], 12.30pm [lunch], 4.30pm [tea break], 6.30pm [dinner] and 10.30pm [supper]. Too bad the muslims only had 2 meals a day because it's the Ramadhan month.

Soon enough, we got fed up with the food and called cabs to bring us out for cheap and delicious Taiping food. And we had RM2.20 Char Kuey Teow for double the size you get in KL!

Taxis became our good friends but they're also like vampires trying to suck the non-local's blood out of our wallet. Who cares? As long as we can get good food and entertainment in town!

What about the people? As expected, the non-muslims are the minorities. Luckily they're nice people to hang out with and I'm glad to get to know them. I'll be dead without these people.

HanChin, JooLi, Me, WoonLee, ChinSeong [standing]
ChungSeng, Mike, Eugene, ChiaPoh [sitting]

I think we've explored almost every little corner of the town of rain. Not bad for my first visit to this little town eh.

Here I wish every single one to have a smooth sail ahead. Hope we can have a little meet up once in a while ya. Cheerz! Billy, out.


puiyeel said...

wor, does that mean we all shud treat u plp better so that u would cut off our connections for internet? LOL

Borneo Falcon said...

I agree with you. The food sucks and deserve the middle finger

leo said... while working..
damn boring here..
let's go movie~lalala..

deyan said...

hey, 18SG eh...
you have to censor the finger :P

Billy said...

definitely! =)
Or else I'll cut your screamyx off. I'm now in charge of Selangor Timur ok.. Hehehe... =P

[borneo falcon]
Haha.. The food looks sucks right? =P

me also online at work leh. Nothing to do here.... Jom movie next week! =)

I planned to censor the pic last night one. But lazy to do it coz very tired liao. Nvm lah... all reading my blog are adults. Hahaha...

Xjion89 said...

ooo, too many meals a day oredi! Hahah, they wan to fatten u(^^). But, I guess u hd a great time there.

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Got so many Malay people xD

chuafc2006 said...

improve the internet!! lol..
revolution in company! XD

I hope I don't need to join you inside TM(i'm also under ytm) hahaha...

Billy said...

I think I really grew fatter after that 2 weeks lo... Indeed I had a great time. =)

yaya.. 90% malays.... O_O

Haha.. I wish to improve their services too.. But one man's power's not enough...

Don't run away la.. come join me in TM.. I'll treat you well.. hehehe =P

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